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Welcome! Thank you for being here, I feel very excited to get to share with you my passion for art and audio. My hope is to fill these pages with some of the concepts and ideas that have helped bring my work to life as well as share with you a few of my insights along the way. I welcome your input as my art is always a work in progress and I appreciate those who contribute to it in a meaningful way. I would like to take a moment to thank all those who have contributed thus far and made it possible for me to be here...

Up Close:

Derick, Shawni, Ryan, Todd, Nick, Mike, Aaron, Sysley, Shawn, Randy, Donavan, Derin, Hilary, Jamal, Sara, Joe, Nikki, Dave, Josie, Jeff, Jason, Gary, Bryan, Anne, Shane, Lisa, Ray, Simon, Gwen, Ember, Anna, Alan, Debbie, Alisha, Andrea, Angela, Brian, Chaunda, Julie, Jonathan, David, Meranda, and every one I have ever had the honor to work or play with, I would like to thank you for your inspiration and joy you have brought into my life. I would like to give a very special thanks to my Family for their loving support in allowing me to explore all of my desires and passions.

From Afar:

In music

Trevor, Anne, JJ, Gary, and Paul, thank you for all the beautiful noise. Neil and Chris, thank you for bringing such depth and play together. Bernard, Gillian, Peter, and Stephen, thank you for setting my life in motion. Ravin and David, thank you for bringing all the world together. Jose and Bruno, thank you for the love...

In audio

Steve, Dave, Rich, Ryan, Chris, and Todd, thank you for pushing the envelope of fabrication and audio design. I would like to thank all the forefathers of audio that built the base upon which I now stand, and to all of those that stand up here with me. May we keep paving the way.

In art

Leo, thank you for revealing that art is in everything. Luigi, thank you for making art out of the noises of life. Andy, thank you for playing in such a bold and provocative way. I would like to also thank all the artists who keep challenging our perceptions and inspiring us all to grow.

To those here now, I hope someday to get to add your name to my list of contributors. I feel we all have gifts to share with one another, and I look forward to discovering what our experiences together might bring.

Thank you,

Jacob Mathew


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